Bodysculpting ®

Through Bodysculpting, you can expect the best that science has at your disposal, obtaining athletic body contouring results with a natural appearance.

Bodysculpting is the culmination of the increasing importance of our physical and mental health in maintaining a well-shaped body, leading to constant advancements in body contouring surgery. With many years of experience and international certification in S.A.F.E. Lipo, Smart Lipo (Lipolaser), High-Definition Liposuction, and Bodytite courses, our surgical team has developed an exclusive surgical body contouring protocol – Body Sculpting.

S.A.F.E. Lipo – 2011 SmartLipo – 2014 High-Definition 4D Total Definer Liposuction – 2018 Fit Mommy –  2019 Bodytite – 2020

Since the 1980s, liposuction has played a significant role in plastic surgery, constantly evolving in terms of technology and surgical techniques. The current standard involves Vibroliposuction after the tumescent technique. However, with irregularities, extended recoveries, and consequent skin sagging, new techniques and equipment emerged due to unwanted complications.

In 2011, we introduced SAFE Lipo in Portugal, followed by Lipolaser in 2014. The former was crucial in minimizing irregularities, and the latter promoted skin shrinkage or retraction (reducing sagging).

We needed more safety, muscle definition, and faster recovery, which led to the introduction of VASER in 2018. This ultrasound technology allows us to release fat at the beginning of surgery, making it more susceptible to suction.

But as eternal perfectionists, we wanted more! Lipolaser offers a skin shrinkage improvement of 30 to 60% compared to traditional liposuction. It still wasn’t enough! So, we adopted BODYTITE – a new minimally invasive RF technology that allows safe skin heating without liposuction or at the end of the procedure, resulting in a 20 to 30% improvement (compared to advanced Lipolaser) in skin shrinkage.

Currently, the state of the art is High-Definition Liposuction, popularized by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos in Colombia. It involves defining various muscle groups, achieving extremely natural and perfect results, which can be more or less defined according to the patient’s preference or body type.

In this innovative and pioneering protocol, where VASER High-Definition 4D Total Definer Liposculpture is the gold standard, various techniques are used according to each body area and case. This unique approach adapts the best technology to each case, often involving Microaire vibroliposuction, VASER, and SAFE Lipo. Lipolaser or Bodytite may also be added for tissue shrinkage.

We complement this with something previously not practiced in body contouring surgery:

Pre-surgical hormonal and skin preparation a) Pre-operative check-up b) Pre-Body Treatment – The skin is prepared through personalized deep hydration protocols Post-surgical recovery a) Manual lymphatic drainage technique by Up Clinic b) Body Recover Program (two special devices are used in specific sessions based on tissue response) Body Recover Kit

After all this technical and technological evolution, Bodysculpting was created. Through Bodysculpting, you can expect the best that science has to offer, achieving an athletic body contour with a natural appearance. This exclusive protocol is performed by the Up Clinic team in Lisbon, Faro, Alvor, and the Azores.


Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes Up Clinic

Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes

Dr. Eduardo Matos Up Clinic

Dr. Eduardo Matos

Dr. Rui Lima

Dra. Rita Meireles

Dra. Rita Meireles

Clinical case

Lipoescultura de alta definição Up Clinic Caso clínico antesLipoescultura de alta definição Up Clinic Caso clínico depois


During consultation the plastic surgeon will discuss the procedure details with the patient, in all its phases and using images of similar cases as well as leveraging patient expectations.


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Bodysculpting is a surgical procedure that can take from 2 to 5 hours and is performed under general anesthesia or local with sedation. It is a procedure that requires internment of 1 day and has a period of downtime of 2 to 3 weeks. Final results are obtained within 2 and 6 months.


2 to 5 hours


General or local with sedation


Up to 1 day


2 to 3 weeks


2 to 6 months

Physical activity inhibition

3 to 4 weeks

Flying inhibition

15 days

Driving inhibition

7 to 10 days

Sexual activity inhibition

1 to 2 weeks

Sun exposure inhibition

3 to 4 weeks