Non surgical rhynoplasty

Non surgical rhynoplasty, also known as Rhinomodeling or nasal filling, is the expression of art that allows the harmonization of the nose using hyaluronic acid. This procedure is recognized for its speed, minimal invasiveness and high level of satisfaction, which has catapulted it to the top of the most sought after procedures around the world in recent years.


The nose plays a central role in facial harmony, constituting the third most important element of the face, alongside the eyes and mouth, which form the “Beauty Triangle”. The relationship between these three elements is meticulously studied through cephalometry, a science that focuses on the mathematical and geometric measurements of the skull. During the assessment of the nose, a crucial line is the so-called “Rickets E line”, which connects the most anterior point of the nose (Pn) to the most anterior point of the chin (Pog). This line reveals the harmony between the nose, lips and chin when viewed in profile.

There are four main indications for non surgical rhynoplasty:

  1. Nasal tip elevation
  2. Rotation and projection of the nasal tip
  3. Correction of the radix or nasal base
  4. Visual correction of deviated septum

For accurate non surgical rhynoplasty or rhinomodeling planning, all these elements and their interactions are taken into account, as well as their relationship with adjacent structures, such as the forehead and upper lip. This relationship translates into different angles, varying between men and women. For example, in women, the nasal tip is elevated and rotated at a steeper angle, resulting in a raised nose and a more rounded, projected nasal tip. In men, the elevation and rotation of the nasal tip are more subtle, with a more closed nasolabial angle, close to 90 degrees.

One of patients’ biggest fears regarding non surgical rhynoplasty is the possibility of a “Greek nose”, characterized by a raised nasal base that seems to almost connect the forehead and nose. This effect is avoided through a thorough assessment based on cephalometry, with respect to the angles and measurements of the nose, as well as the individual characteristics of the nose.


Treatment aims to improve the nasal tip, dorsum, or both, as determined during the evaluation. Generally, an amount of around 0.5 ml of product is required per session, and the procedure is carried out exclusively with a cannula. After the procedure, small stickers are applied to the cannula entry points, which must be kept for approximately 48 hours to prevent product leaks. Depending on the case, additional measures may be recommended, such as complementary treatment with botulinum toxin, multiple sessions or a review session after 3-4 months.


Non surgical rhynoplasty or rhinomodeling is a form of facial beautification that results in significant improvements in self-esteem.

Who is it for?

This treatment is aimed at anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their nose.

Specific Contraindications

There are some specific contraindications for the procedure:

  1. Functional changes requiring surgery
  2. Complex structural changes requiring surgery
  3. Excessively thin or thick skin
  4. Reduced skin elasticity
  5. Previous rhinoplasty surgery (relative contraindication)

Complementary Treatments

In addition to non surgical rhynoplasty, we offer complementary treatments, such as botulinum toxin, facial harmonization with a focus on 3M restructuring and lip fillers.

General Contraindications

General contraindications include allergy to any component, uncontrolled autoimmune or inflammatory disease, active local infection, severe coagulation disorders, under 18 years of age (with legal authorization), pregnancy, breastfeeding (with restrictions) and serious and uncontrolled psychological disorder.


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Dr. Luca da Silva Costa

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Clinical case

Clinical case of non surgical rhynoplasty

During consultation the plastic surgeon will discuss the procedure details with the patient, in all its phases and using images of similar cases as well as leveraging patient expectations.


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Non surgical rhynoplasty is a non-surgical procedure lasting 30 minutes and is performed without anesthesia. It is a procedure that does not require hospitalization or sick leave. Final results are obtained immediately. The following inhibitions should be considered: 24 hours of inhibition of physical activity, flying and sun exposure.
Medical consultation is necessary for diagnosis and assessment of the existence of therapeutic purposes.


30 min









Inhibition of physical activity

24 hours

Inhibition of

24 hours

Inhibition of driving


Inhibition of sexual activity


Inhibition of sun exposure

24 hours