Liftera: The Revolution in Microfocused Ultrasound at Up Clinic

In recent years, following the “Naturalization” trend, aesthetic medicine treatments have focused on stimulating collagen and improving skin quality. Microfocused ultrasound, as it is non-invasive and provides quick and satisfactory results, has gained prominence in aesthetic medicine treatments around the world. At Up Clinic, we present the revolutionary Liftera treatment, which uses this technology in a pioneering way in Lisbon.

Mechanism of action

Liftera is a microfocused ultrasound and works through a platform that emits convergent ultrasounds at a single point, generating heat and coagulation. These coagulation points can be adjusted to different depths, ranging from 1.5 to 4.5mm, providing different effects on different tissues.

  • Dermis: Promotes neocollagenesis and remodeling of existing collagen.
  • Muscle (SMAS): Induces tissue retraction.
  • Fat: Causes induced adipocyte death (necrosis). In this case, due to the larger focal point, we call it “macrofocused”.

The results of the treatment are biphasic:

  1. Immediate Result: The coagulation points generate tissue retraction, providing an immediate lifting effect. This effect gradually decreases as the tissues settle, without returning to the initial state.
  2. Deferred Result: It results from the inflammatory process of the initial insults, becoming evident approximately 1 month after treatment, reaching its maximum effect at 3-4 months. It involves the production of new collagen (neocolagenesis), remodeling of existing collagen and the elimination of fat cells (adipocytes).

Innovation Liftera

Liftera is currently the most advanced microfocused ultrasound technology on the European market. Launched in Portugal in 2023, Up Clinic is a pioneer in the use of this technology in Lisbon.

Liftera’s difference in relation to its competitors lies in the delivery of ultrasonic energy digitally, providing a purer and more precise signal. The energy is directed only to a single focal point, eliminating energy dissipations before and after the focus, responsible for discomfort and nervous complications associated with this treatment.

This innovation allows for a safe, painless treatment with a lower risk of complications, making it possible to intervene in sensitive areas, such as the eyes, mouth and forehead, areas that are often contraindicated by other competing brands.

Another great Liftera innovation is its exclusive continuous shooting pen, which allows personalized and refined treatment according to the needs of each patient.

About Treatment

Treatment can be performed on the face or body, focusing on specific areas or treating the entire region, such as the eye area versus the entire face. You can also focus on eliminating fat, tightening your skin, or both.

Examples of body areas that can be treated include jowls, chest, pre-axilla, arms, abdomen, thighs, infra-scapular, flanks, culottes, thighs and calves. The number of shots and tips used are selected based on the individual needs of each patient, and the treatment can vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Although anesthesia is not necessary, topical anesthesia may be used for comfort.


  • Fast and satisfactory results.
  • Painless, quick treatment with no downtime.
  • Improvement of sagging through neocollagenesis.
  • Immediate lifting effect due to tissue retraction.
  • Improvement of small areas of localized fat.
  • Improvement of facial contour.
  • Body remodeling.
  • Treatment of sensitive and delicate areas.
  • Facial and body use, including intimate areas.

Who is it for?

This treatment is recommended for all people who wish to prevent or treat the skin aging process and improve its quality, in addition to treating areas of localized fat (facial and/or body). It is also ideal for those looking for an immediate facial lifting effect without downtime, perfect for special occasions.

Complementary Treatments

The Liftera treatment can be combined with other aesthetic medicine procedures, such as botulinum toxin, facial harmonization, injectable collagen bio-stimulators, pdo threads, ablative or non-ablative laser, chemical peeling, microneedling with drug delivery, mesotherapy, Profhilo, skin boosters, personalized skincare routine and others.


This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, individuals with skin lesions in the area to be treated, a history of abnormal scarring (e.g. keloid), active autoimmune diseases and other specific conditions. The safety and effectiveness of the treatment should be discussed with a qualified Up Clinic professional during the initial consultation.


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Dra. Rita Meireles

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Liftera is a medically supervised procedure and lasts between 15 minutes and 1 hour. It is a procedure that does not require hospitalization or sick leave. The results are visible immediately and end within a month.
Medical consultation is necessary for diagnosis and assessment of the existence of therapeutic purposes.


1 hour








1 to 2 months

Inhibition of physical activity

48 hours

Inhibition of


Inhibition of driving


Inhibition of sexual activity


Inhibition of sun exposure

48 hours