Facial Hyalostructure

The purpose of facial Hyalostructure is to make each face look more attractive, more feminine (or masculine), fresher and more relaxed and therefore less tired, less sad and less flaccid.

Have you ever thought about what you want your face to convey in the world around you? Or what “messages” do you want to erase from your face and which ones do you want to express?

Facial Hyalostructure exists for people who want to get answers to these questions.

What does it consist of?

The beauty results from the set of positive sensations that each face conveys and not the complete absence of wrinkles or any other negative element. The purpose of Facial Hyalostructure is to make each face look more attractive, more feminine (or masculine), fresher and more relaxed and therefore less tired, less sad and less flaccid. If the positive sensations of the face are enhanced and the negative ones erased, the person will appear younger and more ‘interesting’.

The Facial Hyalostructure is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure with immediate results. Its’s an application of different injectable products all over the face, but which in this technique are positioned under the skin, deeply, close to the bones of the face in numerous specific points.


Our strategy at Up Clinic

Facial Hyalostructure begins with careful individualized analysis of the face, both at rest and in animation (movement), in order to decode the complex hidden signals that need to be worked out on each face. Just as an orchestra produces a melody by tuning the sound of different instruments, also the face is younger if there is harmony between all the anatomical units.

This treatment is done all over the face so that by structuring the different segments, it reaches its balance. The different products to be injected are selected according to specific needs of each anatomical subunits that constitute the face: front, temporal area, periocular zone, cheekbones and oval, and the peri-buccal and mentonian area.

The treatment is performed over half an hour, in a single session, minimally invasive and without pain. People can resume normal life just after treatment and almost without limitations. Subsequently, a follow-up adapted to reach one’s expectations and aging process is provided.


The results

The results are immediate and absolutely natural, as full-face beautification values your “message” as a whole. From the front or in profile, at rest or during various facial movements (expressions), there is no distortion of the person’s image because the subtle muscular dynamics of the face are respected. The profound restructuring of the whole face will allow it to act on its structural deficits by strengthening genetically weaker areas.

Facial Hyalostructure is also a great strategy to prevent aging, mainly wrinkling and sagging, because it works at a deep level allowing the ‘foundation’ of the face to remain strong as pillars that support a home.


Complementary treatments

Facial Hyalostructure can and should be complemented with neck treatments such as strands and plasma growth factors, and skin treatments such as peels and laser. They are usually made on different days.


Dr. Vítor Figueiredo

Dra. Renata Morais

Clinical case

Facial Hyalostructure Clinical Case

During consultation the doctor will discuss the procedure details with the patient, in all its phases and using images of similar cases as well as leveraging patient expectations.


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Facial Hyalostructure is a medical procedure and lasts for 30 minutes. There is not need for anesthesia, as it is a painless procedure. It is a procedure that has no internment or period of downtime and the results are immediate.


30 min


Doesn’t have


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Physical activity inhibition

24 hours

Flying inhibition

Doesn’t have

Driving inhibition

Doesn’t have

Sexual activity inhibition

Doesn’t have

Sun exposure inhibition

24 hours