Lipolaser – or laser liposculpture – has become essential in the world of plastic surgery. The big news is that it allows to shred fat while controlling bleeding.

Lipolaser is an evolution of liposculpture that is one of the most popular interventions in the world. Over the years, and thanks to technological advances, this traditional technique has been evolving to improve its procedures.

It is from this perspective that lipolaser – or laser liposculpture – emerges that has become essential in the world of plastic surgery. The big news is that is allows you to shred fat while controlling bleeding.

In a Liposculpture, what has to be done first is applying a laser to the area to be treated. In this sense, when liposculpture is performed, the fat is already melted and is less likely to show bruises, since the laser coagulates the blood vessels. This technique allows liposculpture to be an easier surgical procedure to perform and with a lower rate of complications, such as blood loss and bruising.

The advantages and effects of lipolaser are also felt on the skin. There is a greater skin retraction and the skin is firmer.

Especially suitable areas for lipolaser are the arms, inner thighs, abdomen area and neck.

This surgical technique, which aims to improve body contour, is especially suitable for people who want to remove fat deposits that they cannot eliminate through physical activity or a balanced diet.

The plastic surgeons responsible for laser liposculpture are Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes, Dr. David Rasteiro and Dr. Eduardo Matos, with consultations and surgeries in Lisboa, Porto and Algarve.

There is also a more unknown use for Lipolaser – the treatment of hypersudoresis, excessive sweat. This procedure is designed by taking advantage of the laser ablative effect to remove underarm sweat glands. The treatment is definitive.


Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes Up Clinic

Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes

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Dr. Eduardo Matos

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Dra. Rita Meireles


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Lipolaser is a 2-hour surgical procedure and is performed under local anesthesia. It is a procedure that does not require internment and has a downtime of 1 week. Final results are obtained within 15 days to 1 month.


2 hours




Doesn’t have


1 week


15 days to 1 month

Physical activity inhibition

2 to 4 weeks

Flying inhibition

7 to 15 days

Driving inhibition

2 to 15 days

Sexual activity inhibition

2 to 10 days

Sun exposure inhibition

2 to 4 weeks