Otoplasty or ear surgery is the surgical procedure responsible for the correction of prominent ears.

Otoplasty or ear surgery is the surgical procedure responsible for the correction of prominent ears. Thus, scientifically known as otoplasty, it aims to correct the forward orientation of the ear pin and the absence of the ear fold.

This is a relatively simple, effective and risk-free procedure that can be performed on both adults and children ages 5-7, by which time the ear cartilage has reached its maximum size. It is performed on adolescents and adults with local anesthesia, and allows for a very fast recovery from professional activity. They can work or study the next day, since they wear a tape to protect their ears. The result is very rewarding, allowing a significant boost in self-esteem. Dr. David Rasteiro and Dr. Eduardo Matos are the plastic surgeons responsible for otoplasty procedures.


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Dr. Eduardo Matos

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Dra. Rita Meireles

Clinical case


During consultation the plastic surgeon will discuss the procedure details with the patient, in all its phases and using images of similar cases as well as leveraging patient expectations.


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Otoplasty is a 2-hour surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia. It is a procedure that does not require internment and has a period of downtime of 1 week. Final results are obtained within 15 days to 1 month.


2 hours




0 days


1 week


15 days to 1 month

Physical activity inhibition

15 days

Flying inhibition

2 days

Driving inhibition

3 days

Sexual activity inhibition


Sun exposure inhibition

2 to 3 weeks