Facial harmonization

Facial harmonization is a term frequently used in Aesthetic Medicine and encompasses a set of treatments, the purpose of which is facial rejuvenation and/or beautification.

What is Facial Harmonization?

Facial Harmonization is a term widely used in Aesthetic Medicine and encompasses a set of procedures aimed at rejuvenating and improving facial aesthetics.


Facial Aging Theory

To understand the impact of Aesthetic Medicine and its various procedures, it is crucial to first understand the facial aging process, which occurs at four levels: bone, fat, muscle and skin. The bone goes through a reabsorption process, losing volume, especially in the orbit, maxilla and mandible regions. Similarly, the fat compartments also lose volume and hydration, with the maxillary and temporal areas being the most affected. In contrast, the nasolabial and jowl fat compartments increase in volume. This, combined with the enlargement of the submandibular glands and the intense bone remodeling of the jaw, leads to a loss of definition in the jaw line, creating the sensation of a continuum between the face and neck. Muscles are also affected by aging, losing elasticity due to a decrease in elastin and collagen, becoming more rigid. Under the influence of gravity, the muscles that depress the face predominate over the muscles that elevate it, intensifying the sensation of facial “melting”. Ultimately, the skin ages due to the loss of collagen and elastin, resulting in sagging, along with superficial skin changes such as hyperpigmentation.


Facial Harmonization Treatments

Facial Harmonization treatments are personalized based on the assessment of the facial aging process during the consultation. Therefore, several treatments can be combined, including:

  • Hyaluronic acid: This gel is capable of replacing lost volume, both in the bones and in the fat compartments, being essential for facial restructuring.
  • Botulinum toxin: This toxin blocks muscle receptors, relaxing the depressor muscles and providing a lifting effect, giving priority to the elevator muscles.
  • Collagen bio-stimulators: These stimulate collagen production, improving the structure of the dermis and the firmness of the skin
  • Surface treatments: Promote cell renewal, improving skin quality and treating hyperpigmentation. These treatments include laser, peeling, microneedling, mesotherapy and a proper skin care routine.

Each procedure plays a specific role, addressing the different factors of aging to achieve natural and harmonious results.


Facial Beautification

Facial Harmonization also covers facial beautification, considering concepts such as cephalometry, facial proportions, attractive features and individual and cultural notions of beauty. When planning a Facial Harmonization treatment, the goals of rejuvenation (or prevention of aging) and beautification are combined.


The consultation

At your Aesthetic Medicine consultation, you can expect a complete and personalized assessment of your aging process, along with a comprehensive treatment plan that meets your expectations. We use Vectra’s advanced 3D technology for an accurate assessment. The consultation lasts approximately 1 hour, and treatments, depending on the complexity, can be carried out on the same day or later, depending on availability.


Who is facial harmonization for?

Facial harmonization requires a medical indication and is aimed at all people who wish to improve their self-esteem, prevent or treat aging and take care of the appearance and quality of their skin. We are committed to helping you achieve a natural, harmonious appearance that enhances your beauty and authenticity.


dr luca da silva costa

Dr. Luca da Silva Costa

Dra. Rita Meireles

Dra. Rita Meireles

Dr. Rui Lima

Dr. Ricardo Graça

Dra. Tatiana Nunes

Clinical case

Clinical case Facial harmonization

During the consultation, the doctor evaluates your case and discusses your concerns with you. Using images, it shows what is possible to do with similar cases in order to understand all phases of the process, as well as each person’s expectations.


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Facial Harmonization is a medical procedure and lasts 30 minutes. It does not require anesthesia, as it is a painless procedure. It is a procedure that requires no hospitalization or sick leave period and the results are immediate. The following inhibitions should be considered for Facial Harmonization: 24 hours of inhibition of physical activity and sun exposure.
Medical consultation is necessary for diagnosis and assessment of the existence of therapeutic purposes.


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Inhibition of physical activity

24 hours

Inhibition of


Inhibition of driving


Inhibition of sexual activity


Inhibition of sun exposure

24 hours