Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine in Up Clinic: Your Dreams, Our Science.

Aesthetic Medicine is one of the main medical areas in Up Clinic’s holistic approach, alongside Plastic Surgery, Smart Aging and Hair Surgery, and is developed through an innovative approach, combining medical science with the art of beauty, with a range of treatments minimally invasive procedures that allow the correction and balance of certain characteristics, as well as their beautification, with a significant gain in the self-esteem and well-being of each patient.

At Up Clinic, we believe that true beauty lies in confidence and inner and outer health. That is why our highly qualified multidisciplinary team is dedicated to providing personalized and safe treatments, always with absolute respect for the individuality and authenticity of each patient. We combine advanced techniques, cutting-edge technology and high-quality products to achieve the best possible results for each

Our minimally invasive treatments cover a wide range of needs, from facial rejuvenation and imperfection correction to improving skin texture and reducing body fat. At Up Clinic, your health and satisfaction are our priority, and we work tirelessly to ensure that each visit is a unique, safe and effective experience.

We are committed to remaining at the forefront of Aesthetic Medicine, constantly monitoring scientific and technological advances to provide you with the most innovative and effective options. Plus, we’re here to answer all of your questions, concerns, and expectations so you can make informed decisions about your treatment.

At Up Clinic, beauty and well-being go together. Join us on this journey towards the best version of yourself. Discover what Aesthetic Medicine can do for you at Up Clinic, where we apply Science to turn your dreams into reality.

At Up Clinic, the Aesthetic Medicine consultation is divided into:

Face Aesthetic Medicine

Body Aesthetic Medicine

Clinical Skincare


Preventative aging treatments, rejuvenation and/or restructuring and beautification of the face. It mostly uses minimally invasive techniques and treats pathologies such as wrinkles, sagging and loss of bone structure.

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Body remodeling and rejuvenation treatments. Using minimally invasive techniques, it treats pathologies such as localized fat, sagging and cellulite.

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Treatment of aesthetic-cutaneous pathologies such as melasma, rosacea and acne. The Clinical Skincare consultation was designed to provide answers and support to people who suffer from these chronic diseases. It encompasses the complete and informed diagnosis of the disease and its triggering factors, the prescription of specific treatments carried out in the clinic and also the prescription of an individualized Skincare routine according to the specific needs of each skin to be carried out at home – Homecare.

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