Up Clinic fulfills the dreams and desires of those who are not happy with their bodies, women and men who do not allow themselves to conform and have the courage to change and do something for themselves when they do not like what they see or simply do not feel good.

Up Clinic presents a holistic, patient-centered approach, focused on increasing self-esteem and promoting physical, psychological and social well-being through corrective and preventive procedures, alongside the adoption of healthy lifestyles.

This health concept was born in Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, but guided by the innovation that marks its DNA, it brought together Smart Aging, Nutrition, Hair Medicine, Gynecoaesthetics and the most advanced equipment in the industry in order to provide the best experience integrated healthcare in these areas.

Having its headquarters in Restelo, in Lisbon, it is also present in the Algarve, Azores and Porto; and aims to be a global reference in the sector, thus being prepared to receive patients of the most diverse nationalities with an associated concierge service to satisfy the most demanding.

Up Clinic – Your dreams, our science.

Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes - Fundador e Diretor Clínico Up Clinic


Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes, founder and Clinical Director, is a reference in the international panorama of Plastic Surgery, having created a clinical team of excellence, bringing together different skills and experiences from the new members who joined the team that already came with him from the former Portuguese Institute of Plastic Surgery, to create the concept of Up Clinic, as the most advanced aesthetic health clinic in Portugal.


Fulfill each other’s dreams and desires with their body in the name of physical, psychic and social well-being; and in absolute respect for individuality. Dreams that can benefit one’s self-esteem and lead to the adoption of healthy lifestyles.

Develop and retain a team of technical and human excellence.


Offer the most advanced integrated healthcare in the area of ​​aesthetics for the quality of customer experience and satisfaction in results.


Tireless pursuit of satisfactory results for the patient and clinical staff. Proximity to the patient. Innovation and constant training in team skills development.

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