Accent Prime® Radio Frequency

Joint use of ultrasound and high-power radiofrequency at the same time to mutually reinforce the effects of both energies.

What is Accent Prime®?

It is a platform approved by international organizations and is one of the latest non-invasive technologies for body remodeling and skin tightening.

The major innovation is the combined use of high-power ultrasound and radio frequency at the same time so that the effects of both energies are mutually potentiating. In this way the results are superior, the treatment time is reduced and the number of sessions is smaller. The benefits are natural, long lasting and personalized.


What does technology consist of?

It is a medical radiofrequency that works on a unique frequency in the market and beyond that has two types:

  • Bipolar, which acts on the surface of the skin
  • Unipolar, which acts in depth, directly on the fat layer

Radiofrequency’s ‘hot’ energy destroys fat, contracts the elastic fibers of tissues, increases collagen production and activates microcirculation.

As for ultrasound the big news is that two types of waves are emitted to reach all tissues:

– Longer, shallower wave

– More powerful ‘cold cut’ transverse wave that triggers the cavitation phenomenon in the fat tissue resulting in the destruction of fat.

Finally, the head has a built-in rotary mechanism that through a mechanical effect effectively mobilizes tissues and enhances lymphatic drainage. The platform software also allows you to determine the intensity and depth at which radio frequency and ultrasound are intended to act.


How does Accent Prime® works and what is it used for?

Each session takes just 20 minutes thanks to the large area of ​​the ultrasonic and radio frequency emitting head. The treatment is convenient because the gradual heating of the radio frequency is compensated by an integrated cooling system and can be used in such delicate areas as the face, neck and even the neckline.

The technology is safe because it is possible to focus the energies on the target tissues without damaging the surrounding ones. It can be done on any type of skin at any time of the year. It has no recovery time and can resume normal life immediately.

The main indications are sagging and / or ‘localized fat’ for the purpose of improving body shape and contour. Mobilizing fat deposits and tightening the skin also improves skin texture and decreases cellulite.

The most frequently treated areas are the abdomen, the thighs, the buttocks, the inside of the legs, the flanks, the back and the arms. Different areas can be treated simultaneously.


How do we use Accent Prime® at Up Clinic?

At Up Clinic the sessions are held fortnightly under custom-built protocols to meet the individual characteristics of each one of the zones to be treated. The benefits are quickly being consolidated over the next few weeks.

We strive to understand each person globally using this and other technologies following medical diagnosis, therefore, with objective criteria in order to achieve lasting and consolidated benefits.

Not being a weight loss treatment, it is an excellent adjunct in food and nutritional stabilization programs to enhance the effect of weight loss on key body areas such as the abdomen and thighs.


Complementary Treatments

Accent Prime® can complement CoolSculpting in protocols developed at Up Clinic if the priority is to decrease volume non-invasively. Mesotherapy and lipolysis may be adjuvant to localized fat and carboxitherapy if predominates flaccidity component.


Dr. Vítor Figueiredo

Dra. Renata Morais

Clinical case

Clinical case Accent Prime® Radio Frequency

During consultation the doctor will discuss the procedure details with the patient, in all its phases and using images of similar cases as well as leveraging patient expectations.


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Accent Prime® Radio Frequency treatment is a 15-90 minutes procedure and is performed without anesthesia, as it is painless. It has no internment or period of downtime and the final results are obtained between 15 days to 1 month.


15 to 90 min


Doesn’t have


Doesn’t have


Doesn’t have


15 days to 1 month

Physical activity inhibition

24 hours

Flying inhibition

Doesn’t have

Driving inhibition

Doesn’t have

Sexual activity inhibition


Sun exposure inhibition

24 hours