Up Wellness

Up Wellness treatments were created following extensive clinical practice experience in both Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, which led to the development of Up Clinic signature treatments. Some of these treatments were created in close collaboration with GERnétic including some treatments signed by GERnétic.

Silhouette Therapies – Silhouette (Silhouette slimming, anti-cellulite and firming therapies)

Rejuvenation Therapies – Facial and body rejuvenation

Balance Therapies – Detox and Nutrition

Up Baby to Come – Pregnancy: Massages and face and body treatments with physiotherapists, pelvic work, osteopathy, physical exercise with PT or physiotherapist, hair therapy and hypopressive gymnastics

Mindfulness Therapies – Relaxation and well being

Fisioterapia Up Clinic

Silhouette Therapies (Slimming / Firming / Anti-Cellulite)

Firming Mama 90’

This treatment uses 100% natural actives (vitamins, amino acids and trace elements) that nourish, balance and give firmness and tone to the breast.

Body Contour Massage 50’

Through deep and rhythmic movements in the legs and abdomen, together with the aid of products with specific active ingredients, this massage will act to combat cellulite and localized fat. Periodic repetition of this therapy increases its effectiveness and is an excellent natural environment that can be used for prevention and maintenance. It can and should be associated with other manual or apparatus procedures that serve the same therapeutic purposes. Note: Slimming Massage Style.

Slimness 90’

This treatment uses 100% natural actives (vitamins, amino acids and trace elements) that nourish, balance and give firmness and tone to the breast. Through specific breast products we stimulate cell metabolism and dermal collagen synthesis, restructuring the elastic fibers, increasing the tone and firmness of the breast tissue, favoring fibroblast multiplication and stimulation of cellular respiration by over 100%.

Fisioterapia Up Clinic

Rejuvenation Therapies (Rejuvenation)

Uniforming (stretch marks) 60′

Based on the unique GERnétic process and the use of natural actives, skin tightening and cellular integrity regeneration are achieved. An ideal treatment for stretch marks, whose firming and tissue restructuring action, by stimulating mitochondrial respiration (+ 187%), promotes collagen and elastin production.

Man facial 60′

Treatment for skin with signs of stress. Lift Men Active Ingredients will accelerate hydration and regeneration, giving male skin new energy. With essential marine extracts, vitamins, trace elements, minerals and amino acids, this treatment has a true anti-wrinkle, tensor, anti-aging, revitalizing and remineralizing effect.

Light Treatment 50’

Lightening and moisturizing treatment that prevents spotting and acts quickly on existing hyperpigmentation spots. Returns the radiance and natural glow of your skin. Lightening and depigmenting products block the epidermal biosynthesis of melanin by inhibiting tyrosine enzymatic oxidation. Thus, they act faster and more effectively on existing spots and skin pigmentation after exposure to UV radiation.

Pure Gold Marine 75’

Excellent treatment to combat signs of aging and sagging, based on marine assets and their firming properties, will leave your skin glowing with vitality. One of the constituents of this treatment is Ger Lift Marine, an authentic anti-wrinkle stimulator, regenerator, nourishing and cellular stimulator. A true firming treatment of skin tissue, without side effects or irritations.

Lux 75’

Anti-aging treatment reducing wrinkles and fine lines of the face. Optimizes cell regeneration, creating firmer and rejuvenated face contours. The Cells Life Regenerating Serum, one of the secrets of this treatment, combines the tensor effect of skin tissue with the revitalizing and nourishing effects of aged, dehydrated, demineralized, dry or oily skin.

Premium Treatment 50’

Revitalizing treatment and for a healthy aging that deeply moisturizes and nourishes, giving the skin its radiance and tone. The perfect combination of actives that leave your skin smooth and velvety and wrinkles are attenuated. These healthy aging products whose natural gelling polysaccharides of marine origin are called Alginas or Alginate, are renowned for their moisturizing and restorative properties giving the skin tremendous flexibility.

Fisioterapia Up Clinic

Balance Therapies (detox and nutrition)

Flow Therapy Massage 50’

It is a perfect fusion of manual body massage techniques that aim to work both lymphatic and blood systems, utilizing slow and deep movements mobilizing the accumulated fluids and toxins. It can and should be associated with aesthetic protocols, improving their effectiveness.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage 45’

It consists of specific manual techniques whose purpose is to stimulate the immune and lymphatic system in order to eliminate toxins produced and accumulated in the body. Eliminates edema and increases short-term skin oxygenation. Note: Located as needed.

Marine Essence (body or face) 75’

The treatment that promotes a good skin renewal. In this process Grape Oil is used which prepares the skin for the wrapping of seaweed extracts. The improved circulation achieved allows us to immerse ourselves in a pure state of relaxation.

Only You 60’/90’

In the search for the perfect harmony, we have created a tailor-made face treatment, giving your skin a natural hydration, balancing and uniforming the skin tissue, living a deep experience.

Nutritious (body or face) 60’

In this sensory escape you will find all the balance and elasticity your skin needs. With GERnétic products you will reinforce the defense of your skin reaching a state of beauty and well-being close to perfection.

Bio Face 60’

Oily skin continually needs a balancing and healing treatment due to its sebum overproduction. In this treatment the face is wrapped and treated with myrrh, burdock and thyme products, which effectively treat skin imperfections, ensuring a result of great beauty.

Fisioterapia Up Clinic

Mindfulness Therapies (relax)

Breathe In Therapy 30’

Its performance causes a great sense of well-being and relieves all muscular and mental tension, allowing a relaxation in the whole body. Helps relieve symptoms of conditions such as stress, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, sleep disturbances and sinusitis. Note: Located in the area of ​​the scalp and cervical spine.

Deep Tissue Healing Massage 45’

It consists of a set of deep manual techniques that aim to combat certain health conditions such as stress, contractures, muscle spasms, muscle and nervous tension. It acts in muscle toning and regeneration, motor rehabilitation and greater flexibility and mobility. Note: Subjective location depending on need (back or legs).

Up 2 Balance Therapy 50’

It consists of a technical and synchronized work, performed by two therapists, who simultaneously work the whole body, resulting in a balance of deep relaxation. Note: Full body relaxation massage with 2 therapist synchronization.

Mind & Body Therapy 90’

Allow your mind, body and senses to be transported to holistic treatment. The purity of the exfoliation followed by a mask of marine extracts and essential oils make this treatment an unique experience of deep relaxation.

Invigorating Face Massage 45’

Various techniques of tissue manipulation and massage are used to combat signs of tiredness, water retention and lack of tone. It gently activates the microcirculation of the dermis and muscles, leading to better tissue oxygenation while giving a feeling of relaxation. It can and should be associated with aesthetic protocols, enhancing their therapeutic effects. Note: Located on Face and Neck using specific products.

Up Senses Massage 50’

It promotes deep relaxation and acts based on two basic mechanisms: smell and the absorption capacity of the skin. Inhalation of certain scents causes the brain to release neurotransmitter chemicals that fight stress and fatigue. Oils also have a medicinal effect when absorbed through the skin. Depending on the oil you choose it can be used to relax, lessen localized pain or to tone the body and its energy. Note: Massage Full body with heated essential oils.

Fisioterapia Up Clinic

Up Baby to Come (pregnancy)

Up Mommy Care 55’

Massage utilizing relaxation techniques to help release lumbar tensions, while lymphatic drainage techniques are used to relieve weight and fluid retention in the lower limbs. This massage is 100% safe from the 3rd month of pregnancy.


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