The hair unit works daily with the aim of offering the best hair solution for each of its patients through hair transplants and hair treatments that prevent hair loss and promote hair regeneration and rejuvenation. Thus, the Up Clinic hair unit, led by Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes and Dr. Caroline Alves.

Up Clinic produces the most advanced solutions to solve alopecia problems, whether through hair transplantation, follicular stimulation treatments or, at an earlier stage, with preventive treatments against hair loss.

The merit and proven experience of the medical team made up of Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes and Dr. Caroline Alves, coordinator of the Hair Unit, ensure that integrated facial rejuvenation is achieved in which the hair part plays a fundamental role in this process.


The hair unit is distributed across a network of clinics to solve hair problems through transplants and hair treatments in Lisbon (Portugal) and Algarve (Portugal), with a multidisciplinary team capable of receiving patients from all over the world and, if applicable, Furthermore, we ensure other services that the patient desires, from airport transfers, accommodation or other requested activities with the aim of providing the best possible experience for patients.


Up Clinic Restelo

The clinic in Lisbon is located in Restelo (Belém), more specifically in Rua António Saldanha 67. The hair unit is located in a Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine clinical center. The clinical center has all the necessary infrastructure and equipment, combined with the professionalism and dedication of the team capable of making the experience of a hair transplant the most comfortable and efficient for the client. All patient requirements are met and even the most demanding may request something that is not foreseen and the team will try to respond to what is requested, making this Hair Transplant Clinic a reference in the quality of care provided.


Hospital Particular do Algarve

In the Algarve, the clinic is responsible for the Hair Unit of the Hospital Particular do Algarve group, which is the largest healthcare group in Portugal south of the Tagus River, with several clinics and 3 hospital centers with the highest concentration in one of the most beautiful regions of Portugal – Algarve. This partnership allows us to respond to an increasing number of patients coming from abroad who seek healthcare in Portugal and in particular a network of Hair Transplant Clinics.


Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes Up Clinic

Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes


Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience in various areas of plastic surgery, having specialized in hair surgery since 2011 in Paris.


Dr. Caroline Alves


Doctor with extensive experience in hair surgery, responsible for hair transplants in Lisbon, Porto, Algarve and Azores.


Mara Correia


Nurse responsible for hair assessments, as well as assistance with hair transplants.



Somos especializados em dar a melhor solução capilar, tanto através de transplantes como outros tratamentos. Conheça as soluções que existem e quais as mais indicadas para o seu caso através de uma avaliação capilar realizada por elemento da equipa médica.

Transplantes Capilares

Os transplantes de cabelo podem ser executados através de diversas técnicas. A Up Clinic recorre ao método mais avançado e universalmente aceite como mais adequado e com menores riscos e efeitos adversos associados, a técnica FUE (Follicular Unit ExtractionI).

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Transplantes Foliculares

Consiste na remoção de folículos para serem colocados em zonas que tenham sido danificadas pela idade, por depilação excessiva, queimaduras, feridas ou falhas genéticas.

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Tratamentos capilares

Os tratamentos utilizam técnicas não invasivas baseadas na análise da composição do cabelo. Estes tratamentos são baseados em técnicas farmacológicas que colmatam as deficiências capilares.

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