Men’s Aesthetics

A well-groomed body and face are an asset in today’s world, increase self-esteem and tend to make men feel more confident and ‘attractive’.

Why male aesthetic medicine?

Although slower, the man ages as the woman! And the “modern” man likes to look neat, masculine and to appear younger. A well-groomed body and face are an asset in today’s world, increase self-esteem and tend to make men feel more confident and ‘attractive’.

The taboos and distrust that existed in the past are rapidly disappearing, giving rise to greater knowledge and dissemination about what can be done in the field of aesthetic medicine to act in the face of man.

Knowing the anatomy and particularities of male face, aging has evolved a lot; so, at Up Clinic our approach to the male face is different from that of women.


How does a man’s face differ from a woman’s?

In the male face the eyebrow is straight, the eyelid is low, the frontal area is flat and strong, the chin is prominent, the jaw is marked, the lip is ‘thin’ and delicate and the face is ‘rectangular’.

The musculature of the face is strong and the expression wrinkles on the forehead, eyes and eyebrows appear early but, on the other hand, the beard causes little tendency to sagging and the formation of wrinkles on the lips.


What are the most used techniques?

It is important a reflection on one’s expectations and the objectives and scope of the techniques is important. For example, the existence of some wrinkles in the man means “charm”, the lips and cheeks do not “increase” but the chin and jaw line have to be strengthened.

Minimally invasive treatments that deliver fast, natural results are the ones we use most at Up Clinic to rejuvenate the male face. Facial Hyaloestructure for overall face harmonization, lower facial and neck sagging strands, and vitamin skin nutrition and some medium peels to improve skin quality are the techniques we use the most.

We use all of these tools, keeping in mind the preventive dimension of aging and it is incredible the good results that can be achieved by delaying aging by using individualized strategies.


Dr. Vítor Figueiredo

Dra. Renata Morais

Clinical case

Clinical case Men’s Aesthetics

During consultation the doctor will discuss the procedure details with the patient, in all its phases and using images of similar cases as well as leveraging patient expectations.


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Male aesthetics is composed of several procedures and therefore it is not possible to indicate the associated periods, because it depends on them.











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